Considering a career in Health Data Science? 

Our expert is coming to Athens!

Friday 26 June & Saturday 27 June 2015

TCS Educational Consultants

Athens Greece


If you are interested in developing a career in Health Data Science, join us at TCS Athens for a detailed exposition and personal discussion about our MSc in Health Data Science with Athanasios Anastasiou, Lecturer at Swansea University Medical School.

Scientific advancements are constantly increasing the quantity of healthcare data available to clinical staff about their patients, but at the same time more effort needs to be made to make sense of this data.

Athanasios will talk about the current developments and state of the art technologies within the eHealth environment, the career prospects available to young professionals, and the essential skills and knowledge required for the role of a Health Data Scientist in a modern operational environment.

Health Data Science offers a fertile environment for career development for young professionals with the right skills.

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